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A family-owned company, it has been producing women's under heels for over 40 years. Located in the province of Brescia, Italy, it is equipped with automatic and semi-automatic machinery designed and engineered in-house. Each machine is unique and crucial to the final realization of the product, which requires several steps to be completed.

The manufacture of our products differs from the one- and two-component materials on the market. Starting from a non-thermoplastic raw material, we make products with remarkable abrasion resistance, high level of elasticity, and flexibility even at low temperatures. Several steps are required to give the product the optimal characteristics for the function it is to perform when applied to footwear. Since the heel has small dimensions, and is subject to the weight of the person while walking, hardness and consistency of the rubber have been calculated in relation to the size of the heel to be applied, such as to be durable over time.

Compared to the production time of thermoplastic products that usually take only a few tens of seconds, our rubber heels are made with long times for casting and curing the material. Several hours are required for the quality of the raw materials used to acquire toughness, consistency and elasticity that distinguish them from what is on the market. Our product is cared for and controlled at every stage, right up to packaging.

Fine raw materials, not thermolastic.

Remarkable resistance to abrasion and tearing, high elastic properties, flexibility even at low temperatures, excellent response to mechanical stress, elongation at break values exceeding 1000%.

Materials tested for quality verification.

Excellent raw materials, calibrated machine temperature, ambient humidity, and proper processing times are aspects we give utmost importance to before we start processing our heels.

Investing in research.

Our tests are not only based on the use of laboratory instruments. Many mogliorations arise from our new ideas processed with 3D mechanical drawing software.


Our products are composed of one part metal and one part rubber. Below we describe in particular the characteristics that distinguish them from the production of heels on the market.

Heel section

We dissect the heel in half and see what it looks like on the inside.

Rubber - Metal insert

On the surface, products on the market may look alike. Understanding the quality of raw materials and how they are combined is almost impossible at first glance. Some times, the distrust of trying something new seems insurmountable. We offer something very different in terms of quality.


ARCHITAK, soft heel layer

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